"if an object or expression can bring about, within us, a sense of serene melancholy and a spiritual longing, then that object could be said to be wabi-sabi." -Wabi Sabi: The Japanese Art of Impermanence(2003)

Poison Pill

When was the last time you took some medicine pills that you were actually looking forward to popping into your mouth?
not in quite some time, if you're like me.
Problem is, the pills aren't exactly user friendly (for lack of good vocab.).
i mean, while hundreds of billions of units of currency worldwide have gone into these pharma companies for R&D and what not, why can't their brilliant scientists try and make the misery inducing tablets more enticing to the unwell? Oh, and don't confuse this with the sugar-coated pills or capsules. These shouldn't lose their initial taste once the coating dissolves, thank you very much.
And while they're at it, why not offer a choice of flavours? Novocain that tastes like vanilla rather than nitrous oxide or pain relievers in Jolly Rancher assortments? or cough tablets like hard candy.
Wait. cough drops come that way
but i guess you get the drift. this isn't too much to ask now, is it? So why, then, are they not doing it?

Well, i haven't really thought too deep on it, but primarily, if the pills were too candy-like, we'd all be popping them like,
erm, candy. while the uninitiated may argue that the pharma companies would prosper that way, a longer term outlook would suggest otherwise.
and they wouldn't like to get sued by ppl getting OD'ed or those long term effects start becoming common place. (as the tobacco companies found out few years ago).

whaddya say?

A Life Less Ordinary

It is the middle of Spring and one of the glorious days of abundant Sunlight and intermittent breeze.
i sit outdoors sprawled on a beach chair on our front porch, listening to a multitude of melodious bird calls and watching puffs of clouds sail by, slowly and silently.
The same wind that drives the clouds noiselessly above, softly rustles the new, green leaves, and the branches wave as if they're happy to get some movement in their otherwise staid existence.
Small birds dive through the dense branches most possibly looking for food, while squirrels jump around and scamper up and down tree trunks seemingly implying they don't have time to hang around.
Water seeps through the soil and trickles down from huge boulders, a drop at a time. Every drop hesitating for a fraction of a second before finally taking the plunge from the edge of its diving board to meet Mother Earth below. Light briefly glints off them in that pause, and goes off. Like fireflies glowing on and off at regular intervals.
Creepers hang from the rocks, snaking across the flat surfaces and moss clumps provide colour to the gray and black background. Some small plants find their way through the rocky crevices and protrude out seeking the Sun.
The scent of the forest - grass, trees, an Earth - gently wafts through the surrounding like incense.
The slow drone of an aircraft somewhere above makes me look for it. It is not hard to locate. The vapour trails streaking across the skies effortlessly lead me to it. The trails stretch for some distance like slashes of light cut through the blue expanse; curling and evaporating into nothingness at the tail end as the aircraft blazes across - as if trying to get away from the very sound it is making.

Mind wanders. Thoughts criss-cross; present, past, future, as i lay still in the placid moment. Why is it so hard to let go? don't i want to?
is it this restlessness of the mind that has brought Mankind to this state? always wanting, always yearning for more, overlooking what it has been bestowed. always brooding, always contemplating.
i close my eyes, trying not to think. only trying. songs play in my mind, and i resist my music player.

time passes, as ever. i try and relish the moments. it does not last. (does it ever?)

The wind falls. Overhead, the clouds begin to gather and Sunlight pales, signalling the inevitable.
i wait till the first of the raindrops crash on my skin and shattering into even tinier droplets that latch on to the surface forming fragile miniature domes... only to dissolve into others to form a rivulet and slide off to the side.

like a fool, i get up and head indoors into shelter.

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