"if an object or expression can bring about, within us, a sense of serene melancholy and a spiritual longing, then that object could be said to be wabi-sabi." -Wabi Sabi: The Japanese Art of Impermanence(2003)

Weep For Humanity

it all started with this article on TechCrunch
I'd Rather Embed Image that makes sense
than something completely irrelevant
go ahead, read it, (if you haven't already....and i really hope you haven't), i'll wait.

 see anything wrong with this?
 i did.
lots of things.

  • the title: instagram than a movie?!? apparently, her definition of watching a movie is nowhere close to what normal peoples' is. if it is, then either she has some hearing impediment along with a weird  persistence of vision issue, or she has never watched a movie like regular people do, or both. else she wouldn't make a statement that stupid. also, she assumes, wrongly, that everyone watches movies the way she does.

  • the content: that whole thing reads like a shameless plug for instagram. without the mandatory legal disclosure if the author/company has taken money for the promotion. okay, if for a min, we consider that it was not a promotion and it was what she actually thinks, then why should i read about it on a news blog? doesn't she have her own personal blog to write this kind of garbage that goes under the category of news journalism on? fine. i don't know shit about journalism, but i am sure this definitely is not it. 

  • this is also what happens when you're running out of time to create content under pressure to write something in support of a different post on a vastly popular blog in the hope that it will be linked together by techmeme and others, so that this dumb article rises to the much needed popularity in order that AOL gets the SEO ranking and ad revenue that pays for writing articles this shitty.
    here, for your viewing pleasure, is the nice twitter timeline of online editing that went on for this article

    (btw, alexia, the line "This is a pain point that Hollywood is currently suffering through" is wrong grammar. your HilzFuid missed it.)

  • that video: what does that video have anything to do with what she's talking about in the title? other than the fact that Louis CK is actually making fun of exactly that demographic. and this HilzFuid is saying that this video fits perfectly! perfect it is, for sarcasm!

  • but the most troubling about it is the twitter reaction for this: (search here, if you don't believe me) "interesting", "good blog post", "so true!"  what are they even talking about? just agreeing because a popular news blog article says so? without any thought?

    i weep for humanity. 

    i'd rather watch experience the movie.

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