"if an object or expression can bring about, within us, a sense of serene melancholy and a spiritual longing, then that object could be said to be wabi-sabi." -Wabi Sabi: The Japanese Art of Impermanence(2003)

Waiting for Godot

Of the time i have been allocated on this planet, most is spent waiting.

Here is a typical day:
  • waiting for the car to warm up
  • waiting for traffic signals
  • waiting in traffic
  • waiting for public transport
  • waiting for the public transport to reach destination
  • waiting for the elevators
  • waiting for the machine to boot
  • waiting for reply to emails
  • waiting for programs to build & compile
  • waiting for webpages to load
  • waiting for the other party to answer the phone
  • waiting for the microwave to warm up food
  • waiting for my turn in the queue at the shop counter
  • waiting for the coffee machine to brew
  • waiting for the time to go back home
  • waiting for a gap in vehicles to cross the road
  • waiting for someone to open the fron door
  • waiting for the tap to dispense hot water
  • waiting for food to cook
  • waiting for hot food to cool down before storing it in the refrigerator
  • waiting for time to pass after dinner so that i can sleep
  • waiting for Lord Hypnos to bless me
  • ...
and so it goes (the time, i mean).

If i take a wider view, there are other, err ... events, for lack of a better word (my vocab sux), that i am waiting for.
  • waiting for the paycheck
  • waiting for the project to end
  • waiting for interview calls
  • waiting for a good job offer
  • waiting for new project to begin
  • waiting for some windfall to get latest gadgets
Even wider view,
  • waiting for 'someone special'
  • waiting for a life i'll spend doing things my way
  • waiting for the bank balance to get to 'comfortable' levels
  • waiting for a peaceful easy life
  • ...
While i have read all kinds of advice on 'not waiting for things to change and enjoying life in the present' and all that jazz, waiting is all that prevails.

I don't mind waiting; just that realising the the futility of it all in the ultimate certainity makes me feel even more exasperated.

Tick tock tick tock tick tock...

Nostalgia ... Ep. 2

Continuing with posts about my obsession with Doordarshan (during my childhood), here is one of the more popular advertisements of that time.
Advertisements are fresher in my mind, simply due to their frequency.

Bajaj used to air this commercial for their scooters (Vespa 'inspired' design).

यह जमीं यह आसमां
हां sss
यह जमीं यह आसमां |
हमारा कल
हमारा आज,
हमारा कल
हमारा आज|

बुलंद भारत कि
बुलंद तसवीर ssss
हमारा बजाज| (२)

I don't remember where i have seen "Chunnu Munnu de papa di gaddi...", do you?

Update: Found the video on YouTube:

Clark Kent and Moses

Superman and the Bible are plainly cut from the same template: baby Superman and baby Moses are both rescued from certain death, sent off by their desperate parents in a rocket ship/wicker basket, and are then raised by an alien family but always remember the ways of their people and spend their lives fighting for justice.
- by Stephen Dubner

Dear Steve,

We also have a similar template for our Lord Krishna. So don't worry, you are not alone.

Nostalgia ... Ep. 1

When i was a kid, i used to watch a lot of television. and by 'a lot', i mean right from the time transmission started, (those were the days when *shudder* there was only the good ol' DD and no 24 hr programming... heck, i was fortunate even to have a television set), till we went back to the colour bars, and then to static.
For the uninitiated, those were the days when Shahrukh Khan was one of the actors in Fauji, and popular serials were only allowed to have 12-13 episodes.

Films Division presentation was one of my favorites. They used to show dubbed versions of popular cartoon films, along with their own creations.
A few days ago, i tried to look on youtube if i could travel back in time when we all used to shuffle in front of the idiot box in order to reserve the best place on the sofa. No such luck. All i could find was multiple versions of एक तितली.
So i thought i would try to write down whatever little i remember, lest i forget. (In any case, i have forgotten most of it.)

Here is the first one in the series... Sindbad The Sailor.
Though it is only one stanza, let me know if you know the entire thing.


डोले रे, डोले डोले डोले रे || 2 ||
अगर मगर डोले नैय्या
भवर भवर जाए रे पानी|
नीला समंदर है,
आकाश प्यासी
(आकाश प्यासी)
डुबे ना, डुबे ना मेरा जाहज़ी
(मेरा जाहज़ी)
डुबे ना मेरा जाहज़ी|


Can you imagine the future?

and this is just the begining; the posibilities are endless ...

पुणेरी Google

Update: As of 2010, Google Blogger has lost my image. so even if i am partly responsible for any inconvenience, i cannot be blamed entirely.

Google पुणेरी आहे असा माला बरेच दिवस वाटत होत, पण या एका line मुळे खात्रीच पटली .
तुमच्या (पु. लं च्या भाषेत, निन्देच्या) सोई साठी screenshot सुधा घेतला आहे.

अता तुम्हीच माला सांगा, आहे की नही Google पुणेरी?

Disclaimer: माझं मराठी भारी असल्या मुळे कही चुका होण साहाजिक आहे, त्यानना कृपाया क्षमा करा।

Update: If you can't see anything other than '?' (as ashD kindly pointed out in the comments), please visit this page.

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