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Save The Turtles

A few days ago, i got an email from one of my friends. it went something like this:
...just written to Ratan Tata asking him not to go ahead with building a port in Dhamra, Orissa, dangerously close to one of the world's largest sea turtle nesting grounds for the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles ... can't bring about that change alone. I need help from lots of people ...
Thanks a million ...
with a link to the site (that you can go to by clicking on the title).
We can save Olive Ridley Turtles
so, if you want to feel proud, you can go ahead and enter your name and email (they say it won't be spammed) and if everything goes as planned, we can hope that all will be well with the world (the turtles', at least).

What you get out of it? Well, you can sleep sound, thinking that you have done your bit for the environment and carry on living your lives as usual.
OR, if that got you started, you could join Greenpeace and do more than your share for the environment.

Not that those are the only choices. You could get some tips from here while you are at it.

That's about it.
(For starters, here is a simple green tip from yours truly: if you carry a kerchief with you for wiping your hands and runny noses, you could save that paper towel or that electricity for the blow dryer.)

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