"if an object or expression can bring about, within us, a sense of serene melancholy and a spiritual longing, then that object could be said to be wabi-sabi." -Wabi Sabi: The Japanese Art of Impermanence(2003)

Last Post

Now don't be scared. Or overtly happy ecstatic.
This isn't what the title appears to portray. Rather, this is about the last, as in previous, post. Unfortunately.
So, last month, i became, by an extremely unusual of fortunate circumstances, a lucky owner of an iPhone. As my even better luck would have it, it is an old generation 16GB ...yes, the one with a recessed headphone jack, no assisted GPS, and, shiver mah timbers, no 3G network.
Pray, may you ask why this is turn of the cards a betterment of your plebeian life if you are not using the latest iPhone?
You may.
and the simple reason is that i will be saving quite a fortune not having to pay for the data plan. Obviously, i had it JailBroken, and am using my existing service that is off the contract. Plus, this one has a metal body unlike the plastic shell of the new one, which i think is sturdier in my "I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Butter"y fingers.
besides, there are no other differences between new and the old model that might have made a difference anyways. like copy-paste. (i think it's akin to driving a Ferrari with a couple of missing cogs in the gearbox...not that i would know how that would feel... i'm just guessing.)

anyways, so about the last post.
so i thought that with the iPhone in my life, whatever spare time i used to find for writing (which was almost non existent) would wither away into nothingness.
but fear not.
i mean, i thought that to myself, i'm not asking you to not fear. rather, you should be afraid, be very afraid. {pleased} (i always wanted to say that!)
now i'm gonna be photo-blogging. using flickr and my iphone camera.
you see, flickr has this nice feature where i send them an email with a post and they post it over here. apparently, this functionality is as old as email, but since i've been living in a cave, it somehow slipped my limited attention.

so when i enabled my flickr account for doing just that, the previous post was what resulted.

ah, beholdest thou the complexities of simple things!

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