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Nostalgia ... Ep. 1

When i was a kid, i used to watch a lot of television. and by 'a lot', i mean right from the time transmission started, (those were the days when *shudder* there was only the good ol' DD and no 24 hr programming... heck, i was fortunate even to have a television set), till we went back to the colour bars, and then to static.
For the uninitiated, those were the days when Shahrukh Khan was one of the actors in Fauji, and popular serials were only allowed to have 12-13 episodes.

Films Division presentation was one of my favorites. They used to show dubbed versions of popular cartoon films, along with their own creations.
A few days ago, i tried to look on youtube if i could travel back in time when we all used to shuffle in front of the idiot box in order to reserve the best place on the sofa. No such luck. All i could find was multiple versions of एक तितली.
So i thought i would try to write down whatever little i remember, lest i forget. (In any case, i have forgotten most of it.)

Here is the first one in the series... Sindbad The Sailor.
Though it is only one stanza, let me know if you know the entire thing.


डोले रे, डोले डोले डोले रे || 2 ||
अगर मगर डोले नैय्या
भवर भवर जाए रे पानी|
नीला समंदर है,
आकाश प्यासी
(आकाश प्यासी)
डुबे ना, डुबे ना मेरा जाहज़ी
(मेरा जाहज़ी)
डुबे ना मेरा जाहज़ी|

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  1. Hi,
    I was very much found of cartoon serials in my childhood. At those times we used to have only Doordarshan. I tried to download the title song of sindbad the sailor(dole re) but I could not find. I felt so happy to see your blog. If you find the download of the song please forward it to me or post onto this site I will be greateful to you.


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