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Mugen Si FAQs

What is Civic Si?
it's a civic that grew up.

What is Mugen?
copied this blurb from the glorious internet:
"The name MUGEN symbolizes Honda performance throughout Asia and around the globe. MUGEN, under license by M-TEC Co., Ltd., of Japan, has been closely associated with Honda for more than three decades in the design and manufacture of racing and premium aftermarket performance products."
in short, it's like Mopar for Honda.

What are the specs like?
"i though you'd never ask", replied Ace Ventura, taking a super deep breath.

Engine Type: In-Line 4-Cylinder
Displacement (cc): 1998
Horsepower @ rpm (SAE net): 197 @ 7800
Torque (lb-ft. @ rpm): 139 @ 6100
Redline (rpm) 8000
Bore and Stroke (mm) 86 x 86
Compression Ratio 11.0:1

Transmission: Close-Ratio 6-Speed Manual with helical-type, limited-slip differential.

Gear Ratios:
1st: 3.267
2nd: 2.130
3rd: 1.517
4th: 1.147
5th: 0.921
6th: 0.659
Reverse: 3.583
Final Drive: 4.765

Are you fn kidding me? those are the same specs from the Si sedan. what the fk is wrong with you? what's with the Mugen?
ah. but you are right.
God, my friend, is in the details.

okay. AND?

this is what comes pre-installed from Mugen.

MUGEN sport-tuned exhaust
MUGEN track-tuned suspension
MUGEN Limited-edition placard
MUGEN 50mm spherical aluminum shift knob
full aerodynamic body kit including adjustable MUGEN rear wing spoiler - functional - front spoiler with a sports grille, side skirts and a rear diffuser(!)

Wheels: Forged MUGEN GP 18x7.5 (pattern 5H-114.3 +48)
Tires: BFGoodrich®2 g-Force KDW 215/40ZR18 high performance summer

okay, go on. i'm listening.

let me put some details on the above points:

sport-tuned exhaust: full "cat-back" system reduces back pressure downstream from the catalytic converter. Additional 6HP on an engine dyno, according to Honda engineers. (which brings the figure to 203hp! W00t!)

The track-tuned suspension: tested at the Twin Ring Motegi racing circuit in Japan, lowers the vehicle by 0.6 inches, bringing the ride height to 5.3 inches, with aggressive spring and damper tuning for enhanced handling performance. Compared to the conventional Civic Si Sedan dampers, front and rear damping force (both bump and rebound) increased between 8 and 24 percent.

Wheels are 17lbs ea., 27% lighter than the stock 17x7-inch alloy wheel.

whoa. that's a mouthful. but why don't i just take the stock Si and put all these mods in?
you sure can. one slight minor detail. you void the Honda warranty when you do that. plus, the insurance company is not gonna like it too much.

nice. so what do you think is the best part?
the best part? pun intending, undoubtedly, the fact that on paper, it's just a Civic!

i'm impressed. i'll take mine in Nighthawk Black Pearl, please.
well, like Henry Ford said, you can have it in any color as long as it is Fiji Blue Pearl.

what? no color choices?
no sir. and better hurry. there are only a few available. (probably half a dozen out of a 1000 left. but you could ask me and i can point you to a few dealers who still have them)

seriously? what's the retail on one of those things?
sorry my friend. you know how it goes. if you have to ask...

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